DSC_3988Geometry Love Stories, a lecture performance 2012

It proposes geometry as a situation, where love could happen and investigates how love challenged by geometric conditions. Geometry as a situation leads towards Tantra, Mantra and Yantra, that clams for purity, spirituality and the sacred.

The performance constructs fiction around geometry though it has a historic fight with literature. lets explore some some love stories that could revolve around physical space and geometrical space.

What is a geometrical space is? A state of mind?

It’s a concerned with the questions of shape, size, relative position of figures, and the properties of space. Anyways the concept of space has undergone a radical transformation and time also. Can we exchange these radical transformation with metaphors? Can we create some love symbol which could be geometrical? Do you know any love gesture which can be associated with geometry?

I see, some of the copulating poses are similar to some kind of confused or perfect geometric forms or shapes.

Can we play with geometric fixed rules and search loopholes/love-holes?

Two parallel lines never meet.

I know a shape of no. 8 that is an infinite.

This world is round so all the straight line will meet at the other side of the world.

What happens if I put some geometrical condition on a love story?

I know you will say love is life and life is beyond logic. Can I prove a cylinder, as a female as it has a hole or a male as it is a pipe? I know you are getting angry. we enjoy making love but fear that the study of it might ruin the abstraction.

May I beg your permission to bring a different angle to the love story, and construct a ‘love triangle’? In geometric terms love triangle can be represented as comprising three points. e.g. ‘Person A is in love of person C who is in love with person B who, is the love interest of the person A’.

Untitled1Implicit heart curve (x2 + y2 − 1)3 − x2y3 = 0

POINT – geometric investigation starts from the ‘Point’, What is a point? A mere dot (•) Or a location? Interestingly, whose size even does not interest us but in geometry it is the most powerful.

Does size matters in love?

If no, can’t we make love stories around? let’s see…

Veda says “Creation happens with two”. That says love i not possible with one. So we need two points- Point A and Point B.


Point A and Point B draws a line in between. So may be a love story is possible here. let’s see…

In geometry a line: • is straight (no curves), • has no thickness, and. • extends in both directions without end (infinitely). If it does have ends it is called a “Line Segment”. A line is defined as something that extends infinitely in either direction but has no width and is one dimensional while a plane extends infinitely in two dimensions.

A boy and a girl run towards each other…. they end up meeting in a point What happens if they break up at the very moment….

They will go opposite direction, without Looking back… if they looked back they see each other’s back.

They did not look back… so went straight….they thought they will never meet. It was painful But they never thought that this world is round…. they meet at the other end of the world.


CURVE LINE: villains run in a curve line and a hero comes straight…

PARALLEL LINES: they never meet with each other…. If you are searching your dream boy or girl on a parallel line … then you will never meet… It is sad! There is a scientist meet the two lines … and becomes one

ANGLE: Two lines are interested on each other so one reclined on the other. Old extra marital affair … a wife in a village and other in the city. A has two wives B and C…………… B and C does not know each other….


TRIANGLE: Can I make one angle more and make it a triangle Story of A, B and C

RECTRIANGLE – is a somewhat facetious term to describe a romantic relationship

2012 ‘Geometry Love stories’, A Lecture Performance In Other Words Sarai- CSDS, 29 Rajpur road, New Delhi.


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